Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Vintage Jewellery Box for Earrings

I love earrings, I don't tend to accessorise too much. However, I often wear earrings. I think earrings can bring out femininity and soften a woman's face.

But I had a problem, I could never keep a set of earrings together. I had an earring stand but for some reason my earrings would go missing (probably because I was too lazy to hang them up after using them). So I needed something a little more practical to keep all of them together.
So, one day me and my boyfriend were out shopping and we walked into this little charity shop to find this beauty (credit goes to my boyfriend for spotting it).

I think it cost me £3 or £4. The box looks perfect on my vintage dressing table and without any hesitation I bought it. 

The box is really practical and super cute. Now my earrings never go missing or become separated from each other. They are all happily paired up =)


  1. What a gorgeous little trinket box - perfect for keeping those pesky earrings together!

    1. Yeap absolutely sorted out my earring dilemma. Thanks for visiting, I will befriend you now =)

  2. Hi sweety!! You have a lovely blog :)
    Great post, i specially like your photos!!
    Check my blog in;

    1. HI Sandra thanks so much for reading, I will go stalk your blog now. Bisous x