Sunday, 10 March 2013

Creative and Poor (how to charity/thrift shop)

Hi my name is Sayantani. I am creative and poor.

I have always had a thing for clothes but not your typical high street fashion. I don't follow trends (sometimes I fall into it, but accidentally) and I have no particular inspiration I just like to wear what I think suits me best (like most of us).

Most high street shops bore me or scare me. Because when I enter generic high street shops I feel like I leave my soul behind somewhere outside, lurking in the cold. In my opinion most high street shops stock uninspiring, unoriginal, extortionately expensive clothes.

As per designer clothes... I do like them (alot) but can't afford them in any shape or form (unless I starve myself for a month to buy a measly LV wallet). So I just eye shop designer clothes get semi inspired and try to put something together by myself. When I am not doing that I just head out to charity shops\vintage shops rummage through things until I find that special something.

Rummaging through tons of undesirable clothes to find that one perfect item always fills me with joy! it's similar to the feeling of winning a competition or doing well in exams.

Charity/thrift shopping is kind of addictive once you get good at it. It takes a bit of practice to scan through a ton of clothes, but if you are instinctively good at spotting clothes then you will have no problem 'finding' decent things.

Another thing to consider when you go charity/thrift shopping, DROP ALL YOUR PRETENCES. Feeling embarrassed about buying second hand clothes will only stop you from concentrating. Initially I used to be a little 'embarrassed', but then I thought to myself ''hell I am supporting charities, buying really cheap clothes and being creative all at the same time''. That's when I really started enjoying the entire process of rummaging -> scanning -> finding = WINNING!

So, enjoy my finds and I hope it inspires you to go against high street shops and show some pre owned clothes some love.

Enjoy =)