Wednesday, 20 March 2013

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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Yesterday's charity/thrift shop haul

Yesterday I had a couple of free hours to roam around town, so I took the opportunity to check out my local charity/thrift shops. I went into a few shops and didn't really find anything I liked or caught my eyes. Then I decided to check out this hidden little charity shop that I have avoided going to before, purely because it is out of my way. I was absolutely stunned by everything in there! they had an amazing selection of women's wear and also lots of other pretty bits and bobs.

And most importantly everything was super cheap! These days charity shops have started charging a lot more than they used to (due to recessions and hipsters). But this little shop was packed with really cheap, chic dresses! 

I found this perfect little red dress! I can't begin to tell you how perfect this dress is. The bustier enhances your bust area, the skirt is flared, with a petticoat underneath which gives the dress a ballerina look. Basically, this dress gives you the perfect hour glass figure ! And it only cost me £5 !!
(Oh, I forgot to mention that this is a brand new dress, the dress came intact with a price tag. )

Then I picked up this leather belt for 50p ! Yes 50p , you can't even buy a chocolate bar that cheap anymore. I love this belt because it has a worn look to it, and I prefer my leather worn. 

And finally I found this cute Winnie the Pooh photo album/scrap book for 99p!!! It's never been used and in perfect condition. I have great plans for this book, I think I am going to dedicate it to my dog (sadly he is getting really old now). And i would love to make a memory book for him. 

Enjoy your weekend and leave a comment =)  

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Vintage Jewellery Box for Earrings

I love earrings, I don't tend to accessorise too much. However, I often wear earrings. I think earrings can bring out femininity and soften a woman's face.

But I had a problem, I could never keep a set of earrings together. I had an earring stand but for some reason my earrings would go missing (probably because I was too lazy to hang them up after using them). So I needed something a little more practical to keep all of them together.
So, one day me and my boyfriend were out shopping and we walked into this little charity shop to find this beauty (credit goes to my boyfriend for spotting it).

I think it cost me £3 or £4. The box looks perfect on my vintage dressing table and without any hesitation I bought it. 

The box is really practical and super cute. Now my earrings never go missing or become separated from each other. They are all happily paired up =)

Narnia Wardrobe

When my boyfriend moved in with me my Ikea wardrobe was just not big enough for the two of us. In true ShyScott style we went charity/thrift shopping. We needed something big, cheap, kind of vintage and practical. 
So we picked up this 'Narnia Closet' as my friend elegantly nicknamed her, for approximately £15. Yup she was that cheap, and she sure does the job.
I know she will be replaced one day when we find permanent accommodation, but for now we are very happy with her. My pet the Narnia Closet =) 

She is pretty, rustic and a little dented =) 

Came with a mirror inside

I pimped her up with a Sponge Bob poster. 

That's all.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

A sneak preview of my latest vintage haul

I went shopping in Nottingham recently, found some of the best vintage/charity shops I have ever come across. So I stocked up and I am ready for fall.

Creative and Poor (how to charity/thrift shop)

Hi my name is Sayantani. I am creative and poor.

I have always had a thing for clothes but not your typical high street fashion. I don't follow trends (sometimes I fall into it, but accidentally) and I have no particular inspiration I just like to wear what I think suits me best (like most of us).

Most high street shops bore me or scare me. Because when I enter generic high street shops I feel like I leave my soul behind somewhere outside, lurking in the cold. In my opinion most high street shops stock uninspiring, unoriginal, extortionately expensive clothes.

As per designer clothes... I do like them (alot) but can't afford them in any shape or form (unless I starve myself for a month to buy a measly LV wallet). So I just eye shop designer clothes get semi inspired and try to put something together by myself. When I am not doing that I just head out to charity shops\vintage shops rummage through things until I find that special something.

Rummaging through tons of undesirable clothes to find that one perfect item always fills me with joy! it's similar to the feeling of winning a competition or doing well in exams.

Charity/thrift shopping is kind of addictive once you get good at it. It takes a bit of practice to scan through a ton of clothes, but if you are instinctively good at spotting clothes then you will have no problem 'finding' decent things.

Another thing to consider when you go charity/thrift shopping, DROP ALL YOUR PRETENCES. Feeling embarrassed about buying second hand clothes will only stop you from concentrating. Initially I used to be a little 'embarrassed', but then I thought to myself ''hell I am supporting charities, buying really cheap clothes and being creative all at the same time''. That's when I really started enjoying the entire process of rummaging -> scanning -> finding = WINNING!

So, enjoy my finds and I hope it inspires you to go against high street shops and show some pre owned clothes some love.

Enjoy =)